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A voice for Gypsies and Travellers in Dorset

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Kushti Bok means good luck in Romany.  We chose the name to reflect our objectives to support and encourage people within our communities to overcome discrimination, isolation and stigma. We are a group representing both Gypsy and New Traveller communities which together form the largest single minority group in Dorset.  Some of our families have been established in Dorset for over 500 years.

We act as a link between our communities and a range of local and national agencies. For example the Police, NHS, councils and education.

We work with many organisations to raise awareness of the needs of our communities and to overcome discrimination and barriers.

A main part of our aim is to assist Gypsies and Travellers to the education network. This may have been missed out on it through prejudice.  Achieving qualifications can help create or improve existing businesses.